Kente Circle Wrap Skirt


This is 360 degree wrap circle skirt. Its so so luxurious to wear. It takes up to 5 metres to make one skirt. Its all the fabric that gives the skirt volume and movement as you walk.
This skirt is ideal for achieving a 50s or 60s look. It looks great for dancing the lindy hop or most partner dances because you are able to twirl and the skirt will float up !

Please take a good long look at the size chart below and choose the size best suited for you. I made this skirt as a wrap skirt so that it can fit comfortably wherever you are in your size cycle.
Please measure your waist with a tape measure if you are unsure of the size of your waist and please choose the right length for your height, or you can send me the exact length measurement you would like in a message when you order.

Height guide to choosing the right length of skirt to suit you.

5.11ft to 6.1ft = 43 inches
5.8ft to 5.10ft = 41 inches
5.5ft to 5.7ft = 39 inches
5.2ft to 5.4ft = 37 inches
4.8ft to 5.1ft = 35 inches4