Baby Barrier Cream


This wonderfully pure baby cream creates a breathable skin barrier to protect against external irritants.

Beautifully tender, hydrating and easily absorbed, our Bare Baby Cream is designed for your baby's health and wellbeing - it’s both soothing and healing for the most sensitive skin.

Coconut and Shea butter is a moisterising, anti-inflammatory properties. Shea butter is a sun block and has anti bacteral properties. It hydrates the surfice of the skin and all its layers. It has high levels of vitamins A and E and very high in antioxidants. It protects the skin cells from free radicals and is anti fungal.

Shea butter contains triterpenes which promotes fast healing. All these benefitsvitamins and fatty acids together also help in relieving itchesness and eczema.

Coconut butter has lauric acid, which boosts immunity and destroys harmful bacteria, viruses, and funguses