Why the Circle Wrap skirt is everything !!!

Why the Circle Wrap skirt is everything !!!

2020 gave us the space and time to contemplate the larger meaning of existence and so naturally revaluate

woman wearing a yellow circle skirt sitting on the green grass holding a bowl. her yellow skirt is spread out all around her

our own lives. Many people I've spoken to ended up making life altering decisions. 3 families I know have left the UK for greener climes and another 4 are leaving the big cities for greener spaces where the pace of life is slower and their vistas wide.

Normally I am a special occasions seamstress, but not anymore. As the months indoors wore on and everyone started gardening, home schooling and working via zoom I was asked for not just informal wear, but comfortable to absorb and disguise the new spreading waist line while  reflecting the clients own tastes and long buried under work clothes desires.

No one cares about what was in the magazines anymore or the season's colours. What I was being asked for was classic lines, flattering lengths and disguised roominess. The 50's and 60s kept being mentioned by women who want to feel feminine and still be able to carry out home bound chores and work while looking after the family.  This new stay at home woman still wants to look good on zoom and now she's tapping into her fantasy of self. Visions of luxury, princess, empress and queen comes to mind when I look over my order book. The most popular style

Jessica Huie MBE wearing a kente print maxi length circle skirt

has been the wrap dress and the wrap skirt, especially the 360 degree maxi circle wrap skirt.

Women love this skirt ! In all her myriad of colours and prints. She is indeed the queen ! A client of mine is a social worker who was always in jeans rushing from one appointment to the other found that in the early days of lock down when she was often only one of a afew on the streets, her maxi wrap skirt brought smiles to clients but it  also made her slow her pace when she walked. It broke the ice with clients.

She said " I would never have worn African print to work before, but now I choose to wear my skirt when Im dealing with children especially, it just calms every one down a bit because we get to break the ice talking about colours"

My client PR guru, author and MBE Hessica Huie is one of thoese who made the move to Jamaica. She said

My circle skirt just suits the pace of life and the tropical colours here so well.

Ive also been making the wrap midi  dress for quite a few clients. One client is still managing a large team of auditors online. She never had alot of time for fashion shopping before, so her wardrobe was standard city accountant issue of navy blue, black or grey. During lock down she says she felt ridiculous attending zoom meeting like she was still in the office, (and the office slim fitting white shirts were now showing bulges ) so she decided to explore her favourite fashion time zone the 60s and we went for a dark mossy green wrap dress. She looks stunning and it takes her seamlessly from office via zoom to home scholling in the front room.

So how did we do the measurements and the fabric choosing ? we do it over zoom, skype or WhatsApp video. I take you round my home studio showing you fabrics and prints for you to choose from. Then I guide you through the measuring process. A few sometimes its been quite hilarious as people who have never picked up a tape measure before fumble around with the help of children and or partners, but on the whole its an easy and painless job. These styles and designs are all easy comfortable styles that don't require a fitting so they can be posted  directly to you or collected from my workshop with minimal contact.


So if you would like to release your inner beauty, then call or DM and lets begin the journey to making you look and feel fabulous and like no other !!!


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