Having a Fitting for your Made to Measure Outfit

Having a Fitting for your Made to Measure Outfit

Coming  for a fitting is one of the most important events in your made to measure procedure and its the first time you'll see your outfit and its an exciting event for both of us. I love it because its a great opportunity for me to fine

tune your outfit so it fits you perfectly.

But before that exciting day there are several procedures and processes I go through when making your made to measure outfit

Stage 1 is when you reach out to me by phone, social media or email. I don't mind which one. I check them all. Then we agree the design, fabric, price, fitting date, collection date and the then we meet in person or by zoom or what's app for the taking of your measurements.

Stage 2 I make a pattern which I will use to create your outfit. Depending on the outfit I may make a tolle of your outfit for you to try on first. This is normally made in cotton. I will normally do this for wedding dresses or evening gowns. Then I will begin constructing the outfit.

Stage 3 is the fitting.
A typical fitting takes  30mins although I always factor 1 hour.
A fitting is vital as its an opportunity for the client and i to see how well the garment fits and if any alterations have to be carried out before the client can take the garment away with them. It's a fun affair and its an opportunity for us to get to know each other and I have made some long and deep friendships with my clients.

woman in gold satin maxi dress
Some garments such as suits, evening gowns and wedding dresses may need 2 or 3 fittings, but most outfits only need 1 fitting.

When an outfit such as the one in the photo doesn't need too much work and if we both have time.
I will finish the outfit during the appointment and the client can take it away with them that day. This is really handy for clients who have travelled a long way to see me.

The dress in the photo only needed hemming at the bottom and fasteners for the back of the neck and at the waist.
All theses processes took place within our 1 hour window and my client was able to take her outfit with her that day. A happy client makes me very very happy indeed and wore this dress for her sister's wedding in Miami

Thank you to all my happy customers

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